Downtown East 30th Anniversary

Downtown East celebrates its 30th Anniversary on November 10, 2018, a day of music, food, carnivals, and fun. The event was open to both members of the NTUC Club and the public to enjoy.

DE 30 2

An amazing lineup of live performances from local talents coupled with stunning visual and pyrotechnic effects. List of local talents include, The Sam Willows, THELIONCITYBOY, Sam Rui, Abbey Tan, Boon Hui Lu, Sufie Rashid, Jack & Rai, and Scarlet Avenue. 

Sam Willows Performance 

 To satisfy the appetite of the party goers as well foodies, a food bazaar was also organised with a wide selection of Hipster and Halal food selection.

Food Fest 
To cater to young family with kids who are too young to enjoy the Music Festival, there was also a wide range of carnival games and rides from Uncle Ringo. This was truly a festival catered to people of all ages.

Uncle Ringo Carnival


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